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Trujillo 20/09/11

Miles upon piles of desert, then rice paddies and cities in the middle of now where.

On the trip from Mancora we passed yet more endless miles of desert, oil pumps scattered across the hills and every so often towns, rice paddies, sugar cane plantations and chicken sheds by the sea.

We arrived in the middle of the colonial city. The old town houses weren’t as noticeable as in Antigua, but the churches were pretty spectacular. It had a nice feel to town and safe, but not a great deal to do. The only interesting thing was an old city and temple called Chan Chan built entirely out of mud and clay bricks. It had suffered at the hands of the Spanish, the rains and El Niño’s and quite a few earthquakes. Some of it had been restored, many times, but the new stuff wasn’t as tough as the original (although some of it was a plastic replica) and it was staring to Osee from the tops of the walls. It was on an impressive scale, some 60,000 lived in the Temple and 600,000 in the local area, but we think the guide must have meant 6,000 and 60,000. On the way back to town we dropped into a fishing and surf village to see the reed fishing boats. Some of them had polystyrene in the middle to aid flotation, not a traditional building material I guess.

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