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Sagrada Familia

Internal view of Sagrada Familia

Close up detail of the Passion facade

Gaudi's masterpiece - still a work in progress

Another great view

More architectural whimsy in Barcelona

In Barcelona we stayed at Hotel Sagrada Familia, 2 blocks from Antonio Gaudi's church. We visited the church mid afternoon which was an ideal time as the crowd's weren't too bad and we had the bonus of sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows and illuminating the interior. According to our guide book Sagrada Familia is Spain's top experience. I'd visited it in 1990 and could see the progress that had been made in the last 21 years, the interior is now complete except not all the stained glass windows are in. Gaudi worked on it for 43 years before his untimely death and while it is still a work in progress it is breathtaking. The interior was spacious and light, the main nave is a forest of columns that branch off and support the domes. The Nativity Facade is a Gothic 3D melting pot of scenes surrounding Christ's birth. We'd paid extra and when our allotted time came we took the lift up in one of the towers for a bird's eye view of the building and unsurpassed views around the city and out to the sea. It was truly wonderful to be able to visit the church and see the genius of Gaudi's work, he was a very remarkable visionary.

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