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The Blackbird at the Badlands

Footsteps to the Badlands

Us at the Badlands

Breaking dawn at the Badlands

Wall Drug Chapel

Joe Indian


Hiya from Wall Drug!

Yeeha! Hidey ho Jackalope AWAAYYYY!!!

This larger than life brontosaurus was on a dead end street-I kid...

The Presidents welcoming us in

Mount Rushmore

you thought you had issues...

crazy tunnels of death

Woke up in the Badlands-epic. Took sunrise shots, very tired! Had breakfast with a panoramic view which just seemed fake, sometimes we cannot believe we are doing this...

After breakfast we took a spontaneous hike in the Badlands and we heard a really cool bird call, like one we have never heard before. It kind of sounded like someone locking a very expensive car with a key fab. Kinda backwards having to describe something occurring naturally in nature using technology as a reference...

Goodbye Badlands, hello Wall Drug, SD. You've all heard of Wall Drug right? Well in case you hadn't (I never had) it is basically a huge tourist trap-all over the U.S. and even abroad there are signs telling you how far (in miles or kilometers) you are from Wall Drug. I don't know how it got proliferated, but there ya go. Wiki it-they'll probably have a better explanation for ya. They give out free ice water and have 5 cent coffee-always. Since it has become such a big tourist trap they have things like big plastic jackalopes you can "ride" on, like ten different themed stores, an animatronic T-Rex that feeds every 9 minutes, a "maze" of waters spouts that shoot out from the ground at random times in all different directions. So, naturally we did all of it! Joe and I safely made it through the water maze without fail-woohoo! I almost got eaten by the T-Rex too! We sat down later for coffee and donuts and planned our trek out to Mount Rushmore. Before leaving we saw an advertisement for the annual Buffalo Round-Up in Custer State Park for Monday the 26th! And of course we just could not pass up the opportunity of seeing a real live old-time buffalo round up taking place only miles away from where we were going to be...more to come on that tomorrow...

Upon arriving at Mount Rushmore we had to pay ten bucks to park...and of course the pass is good for one year-yeah like we are gonna come back (come one guys, that's just insulting). Mount Rushmore was cool and I didn't know that they actually put Roosevelt's glasses up there, way cool! We watched the video on how Rushmore was made and I even "blew up" some TNT in the visitor's center! We took the entire outside tour of Rushmore and realized there was no elevator back up-SUCK!

So now we were on our way to Custer State Park to find somewhere to sleep for the buffalo round up the next day. We travelled in the dark through Custer State Park on some majorly scary roads with no guardrails-ever. There were like six or seven one way tunnels that we JUST made the clearance for and these things called pigtails which are corkscrew roads that go UP. Did I mention that I have a fear of heights-or more basically of dying? Yeah well I do-and the only way I could make it up these things was to accept the fact that I may die (they say it's good to face your fears right?). Well if you couldn't tell, we didn't die and we made it to camp around 11:00. Gooooodnight!

Till tomorrow

Blackbird out

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