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After a good couple of days in Granada we headed to Ometepe Island, as we were off schedule we managed to get the ferry on the Thursday from Granada so we saved some time having to do more bus journeys!!..although the ferry was 3 hours, it was ok and they sold really good hotdogs ha ha

Ometepe is an island formed by twin volcanoes rising out of a lake so it was pretty cool on the boat taking in these giant volcanos with clouds swirling over the top of them. We got talking to 2 guys on the boat from Israel (one knew Spanish) so when we got off the boat we agreed to Share a taxi with them (not the best idea) There was 2 taxis and a wagon with blue tarpaulin covering the back, we left them to do the talking, (again not a good idea) the price was $30 between the 4 of us, we agreed and they then began to haggle with the other driver, trying to get it for $25...the end result both taxi drivers arguing getting in the car and driving away!!!( haggling over $5 in the pitch black I could have punched the 2 of them!!!)

That left us and the wagon!!!...we climbed in and yes it was every stereotype u can imagine chickens, old women, full to bursting and driving down a very bumpy road,although it was funny The guy dropped us in altagracia and we got the bus to Merida!!!! The bus was bumpy as anything the guy had no headlights so he was basically just driving in the pitch black!!!...it was quite exciting We got to the village and I use this word loosely!!!...there was nuthin except a couple of house (made of wood with tin roofs) We got to our room and it was bug central I have never seen so many bugs, you had to take a torch to the loo and they were bloody all over the torch in 2 secs...I spent most of that night para lol!!! The next day we got up at 6 had breakfast and began the hike to San Ramon waterfall!!!!...now I'm not big on hiking or keeping fit in general so was really hoping it would be easy!!!!...( I was so wrong) It was an hour walk to San Ramon itself, then a fair walk to begin the 3km hike....the hike was steep and tough and there was times when we had to scramble up over big rocks!!(it was that bad i couldnt even smoke a fag lol)...there was also times when I had to lie down as I thought i was going to die!!...god knows how I will manage the inca trail.

however when i turned that corner and saw the waterfall, apart from relief at not having to walk anymore, i was overwhelmed and how magnificant it was... it was so worth it, totally beautiful...we had a dip in the ice cold water and a well deserved rest before heading bag to bug central (couldnt wait)lol

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