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Wandering around

and one for Larissa


..needed desperately

in Ibiza

Quaint gutters

and wall decoration

The Baluard Sant..


Nice roofs..

..and the town..

and the markets too-Ibiza

Goodbye Ibiza

Tuesday 4th October 2011 Weather:-24degrees/Sunny

Ibiza, Spain

We docked at 12:30am last night and quite a few of the young ones went of ship to ‘party on’ and they came back in the early hours of this morning. The cabin stewards must know who comes in late because they put ‘do not disturb signs’ on their doors. These signs are not left in the cabins so they must be put up by the personnel. On their reverse side is a sign that reads ‘please make up my room’ to be turned around by the nightly revellers when they emerge from their cabins. Herman’s perverse sense of humour tells him to go along and turn them all around as we are going down for breakfast—up to now he has not been peeved enough to do it.

Ibiza is often called the White Island because of its’ white cliffs and most of the buildings on it are painted white. The islands capital Ibiza-Town in Catalan is one of Europe’s oldest towns. It was founded by the Carthaginians and grew into an important fortress until it, many hundreds years later, became the capital of the Pituses (Pine-islands) formed by Ibiza and Formentera.

We struck a new innovation here on the island, the local tourist information office has really good opening hours—they open from 5pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday—maybe the workers there are trying not to get a headache from all these people that want information about their island or maybe they are trying to save on maps that these pesky tourists all seem to want. In any case we found our way up to the ‘Baluard de Sant Joan’ (the fortress that you can see on the top of our photos) I overheard one of the tourist guides who was taking a group from our boat around say that part if it is from the 15th century but that is all I can tell you without access to a reasonably priced internet connection or some tourist brochures, so that will be all for today.

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