Holden family holiday 2011 travel blog

Pool time

Beach BBQ

The cars

just in case you need a bus ride home from the beach-...

We are happy here. There is a lot of relaxing going on, the kids have parents who are happy to play and swim with them, we are eating fresh food, meeting new friends and Mick will see the rugby tomorrow!

I saw the Dr this morning, and all went well. Baby girl has a solid heartbeat, and is the right size for 27 weeks.

After some more swimming, we arranged to meet 2 other families down at the beach for dinner.  At about 4pm, we all parked our cars on the hard sand, opened the fridges, beers, wine, nibbles and BBQ's. The kids ran around until it was too dark to see, and we left before it became impossible to find our access point back off the beach! It was a beautiful evening and the kids were all tucked up by 7:30pm.

We haven't seen any sights, bought any souvenirs or planned anything beyond our next meal- I like this!! Actually, I did book something today, 3 more nights here.


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