Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

Our last visit to the Lamar Valley....lots of buff

OB, Trapper and Hal, the 3 wise men of La Siesta

Sunrise in Yellowstone

Early morning, Madison River, 28 degrees

Mr Bull Elk, early in the morning

Our last trip through Firehole Canyon

Our landlord, and good guy, Curt

My laundry lady, Debbie

Journey, at the very top of the Teton Pass, Jackson Hole in...

Looking through the windshield, ready for descent

Our current campground in Lyons....I don't even know the name of the...

Rolling towards RMNP this morning...Aspen announcing it's Fall!

What a surprise to find this beautiful church along the road to...

Pat went inside and took a picture...I told her that was not...

Real photographers take enormous risks to get that special picture

Some great views along the way across the park

and more

and more

and more

At the other side of the park we found a great town

Their main street...with boardwalks, not sidewalks!

The center of town

This lodge sits on the mountainside above the town

The view from the porch of the lodge

A place to warm your feet at night ($235 a night for...

Pat as she ponders buying the whole damn place

A view on the drive back home

Pat hiking at 11,000 feet...I'm only behind because I stopped to take...



What can I say....the last week in West Yellowstone was a whirlwind of goodbyes, meals with friends, new folks we meet at the last minute, and early morning (6AM) and evening visits into the park to see and hear the elk rut. Also getting ready to hit the road the blog wasn't done....sorry.

Pictures will say more than I can, so check them out. Meanwhile you should know that we left West Yellowstone last Monday and drove to Jackson was a TERRIBLE drive, because once again, I made the decision to take the route over the Teton Pass (17 miles, 8000+ feet and 10% grade). This drive is very hard on the equipment, and hard on the two of us as Journey strains to the top, and we wait for something to break, then roll down to the bottom, smelling the burning brakes around us from the folks who don't understand engine braking. Tuesday the drive to Rock Springs was only a little better...200 miles on secondary roads with a lot of tight curves, but also a lot of great scenery. Wednesday we drove to Lyons, Colorado. 335 miles, but easy driving. We are parked in a small (9 spots) campground with no cable, no satellite, minimal cell phone service and water pressure high enough to blow the roof off...but it's pretty. Today we drove back and forth across Rocky Mountain National Park. Something less than 100 miles each way....spectacular scenery, and a few animal sightings too.

Tomorrow we go back into the park...Saturday we stop in Castle Rock for Pat to visit family. By next Tuesday we will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico for three days at the Hot Air Balloon Fest....should be very cool.

Any spare change you send will go towards our fuel bill.


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