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Appomattox Court House National Historic Park

McLean House

The Surrender Site--Grant and Lee Sat At These Tables

View Inside a Home

Tim in JAIL--Susan Let Him Out

The Period Re-Enactment

The Grounds at Appomattox

A View of the Road to Lynchburg

Another View of the Tavern at Appomattox

A Tobacco Field Being Harvested

Today we drove through the Virginia countryside to Appomattox Courthouse National Historic Park. The park is located at the site of Lee's surrender to Grant to end the Civil. The Park is located about 3 miles from the present town of Appomattox, Virginia. At the park we toured the Appomattox County Courthouse that is the park visitor's center. The park also has the McLean House where the surrender took place. At the Clover Hill Tavern, we listened to a park member who re-enacted the role of a doctor who lived in the town from 1820 to 1865. He was dressed in period costume and spoke as they spoke at that time. He was very good and described how the people lived in the area by farming tobacco. It was a huge cash crop and brought a lot of wealth to the local people. The soldiers of the Civil War did not appear until April 1865 for the surrender. Prior to that the local population was suffering from the lack of medicine, salt, cloth and other daily needs. These items were used by the Army or could not be delivered from Europe through the blockade. After lunch in Appomattox--for $10 total at the local cafe--a politician introduced himself to us but lost interest when we told him we were from Texas. On the drive home we drove by field of tobacco--see the photo.

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