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The tour bus took us halfway up Lake Como, then, we hopped on a boat to the town of Bellagio. Bellagio was spectacular!!! I had 5 hours to shop & wander around. It was beautiful & perfect with the exception that the sidewalk doubled as the main drive for the local traffic. You had to walk, look at the beautiful shops and dodge traffic all at the same time. I got lost just for the fun of it & discovered a beautiful cemetery almost a town away. Made it back to the port for the cruise around the lower lake. Took tons of pictures & saw the villas of Richard Branson, George Clooney and various other multi-millionaires.


Got back to the hotel – exhausted but happy. Tried to update the travel blog but couldn’t get an internet connection without forking out 12 euros to the hotel. Decided to pay the fee- but then couldn’t get more than 2 bars in my room. The hotel ended up refunding me after I complained. BTW: The hotel sucked but the staff was fantastic!

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