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Djuma Vuyatela sign

Today was rather non-eventful, but still very fun. In the morning I said my goodbyes to Sharon and went to the airport to catch a plane to Nelspruit. At Nelspruit, Jessie and Nicci from Djuma picked me up. Jessie is the head chef and Nicci is the manager of Djuma. They are both young (late twenties/early thirties) and so much fun to be around. When they picked me up, we ran a few errands around Nelspruit and Hazyview. We then stopped for sushi (I didn’t think I’d get that in Africa!) and headed back to the lodge.

Hanging out with Nicci and Jessie was so much fun as they are very friendly and entertaining. Not to mention they have an adorable four month old puppy named Sassy, which is short for Sasenkile (which means beautiful in Shangaan).

Nicci and Jessie have been great! They’ve already taught me so much, including a lot of Shangaan vocabulary. Shangaan is the native tounge in this area. Here is what I know now:

Nkomu = Thank you

Sasenkile = Beautiful

Famba = Go

Ngala = Lion

Indlovu = Elephant

Ingwe = Leopard

Nkombe = Rhino

Nyari = Buffalo

Kwatile = Cross (as in the emotion)

Mova = Car

Makhulu = Big

Jabula = Happy

Komela = Please

Avuxeni = Hello/Good day

Kombela = To want

Sho = An exclamation

People are so pleasantly surprised when I am able to say anything in Shangaan- it’s so fun!

Anyways, when we got to Djuma I crashed at the girls’ house as it was dark and we didn’t want to deal with settling me into the lodge. Tonight there are no other guests and tomorrow two are showing up midday so I will have Djuma Vuyatela nearly to myself! I can’t wait to see my room as it is apparently a step up from Djuma Bush Lodge, where I stayed last time.

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