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Today I got up at and went and swam in the ocean. It was lovely. then I sat on a lounge chair with and umbrella and sunscreen. this was nice too. then at around 12pm I realized I needed to get out of the heat, i hit a air conditioned coffee place and chatted with an German woman with broken English. no matter it was still nice to talk to someone. I think that is one of the hardest parts of this Journey is being alone all the time. I got invited to a boxing match by Matt the Australian but at 900 baht it was way to much for me not that I was looking forward to the event but a night out with company would have been nice. so here I sit, poor, alone and wondering what the hell I am doing....I am trying to stay open to what this Journey is all about but sometime i am just begging for answers.

funny stuff, today I finally figured out who Dolly reminds me of the death guide in Beetle juice. you know the one with the cigarette in her mouth but the smoke coming out her neck. :)

every where I go I hear 90s music, except for one place that plays the same Taylor swift stuff over and over. well at least I know the words. love Nadean

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