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After a little siesta (well, I had one), we decided to catch the bus to the wine museum. The instructions for the way to get there were to catch the local bus to Kamari beach. We headed to the bus station, saw that route 3 was the correct one for Kamari, and then tried to find the correct bus. The driver at the first bus we asked at said he was going to Kamari - we asked about the wine museum and he threw his hands in the air. We boarded anyway. The couple in front of us were also going to the wine museum and when they asked the conductor, he ignored them. They asked again and he very rudely acknowledged that he would tell them (and us) when to get off. The bus trip cost €1.60 (as do all bus rides seem to in Greece).

It cost €7 to go into the museum with an audio guide and for 4 tastings at the end of the tour. It was really interesting...it told the story of how 2 brothers came to Santorini and commenced grape growing and wine production. The museum is underground and they have a lot of artifacts dating way back that were used in wine production. One of our questions was answered....the grape vines here grow prostrate and we thought it would make both growing and picking hard. The vines are trained to grow in a circle, like a basket, and the eyes for the fruit are only left on the inside due to the harsh weather conditions and lack of water. The fruit grows and is licked from the centre.

We tried a red and a white and two dessert wines after the tour. I really liked the dessert wines...the red and white were okay.

It was the back to town on the bus, time for a shower and then out to dinner. We went to one of the local souvlaki cafes and I had a chicken pita with chips on the side. Pete wasn't very hungry so just had some chips. We also enjoyed a couple of icy cold beers. We headed home and had a reasonably early night...ready for another big day of travel....plane to Athens and then a other to Istanbul.

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