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Had a pretty good night's sleep although the beds here are pretty hard. Pete set off early to find a coffee while I wrote and answered emails and caught up more of my travel journal. I am playing catch-up with the sailing tour and I'm still working out the best way to write it on the ipad (no word processing package). I've written and then lost a few days' entries.

We decided to find the cable car that goes down to the old port. We called into a travel agent to see if the 48 hour transport strike was likely to affect our flights to Turkey via Athens tomorrow. She reckoned there is nothing to worth about. Dropped into a bakery on the way to buy some breakfast. Found the cable car and decided we would have a ride. After looking at how far it is to the bottom, and it's almost a sheer drop, decided we would walk down and cable car up. We had to fight our way down past all the donkeys/mules either waiting to go back down or bringing people from the ships moored in the harbor up to the top. There's over 350 steps so we took it pretty easy time-wise to get to the bottom. It's a good opportunity to see the view and the different layers of soil added by the different volcanic eruptions of the island. Santorini is the caldera of the volcano so it's a bit of a weird feeling as the volcano is active even though it is dormant at the moment.

The old port is now used for local fishing boats, tour operators and the tenders for the liners that moor in the harbor. It must make such a difference to the local economy having the liners come in here. The tourists use the cable car, the tender boats, local restaurants and shops. The island is so dry and desolate that there is very little agriculture or animal husbandry. They grown grapes for wine however the yield is much lower than other places.

We had a frappe at one of the cafes on the wharf and then did some window shopping in the shops. They had some lovely bits and pieces however breakable so not what we want to buy at the moment. The water is crystal clear however no swimming allowed.

We spent a couple of hours in the old port before catching the cable car back up the hill. I was not overly comfortable in the cable car...you could say I was SCARED....not really my thing. Pete kept telling me not to be silly...that's all very well and your logical brain knows it's going to be okay however my logical brain had gone walkabout. The cable car must be a real boost for the economy....€4 each, 6 people to a car and 6 cars each time it does up and down and while we were watching, a set of cars went up and one down about every 5 minutes. I'm sure there's quiet times however it must add a lot to the economy.

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