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We are still in Littleton, Massachusetts at the Boston Minuteman Campground. We will be here until this coming Saturday when we will leave for New Jersey. We have been having a problem with our toilet for the last week or so and last Friday Ross called the Dometic Company, the manufacturer of the toilet. The problem is the toilet switch does not flush every time you need to flush unless you manipulate the switch multiple times and the problem has been getting worse. The service technician at Dometic said the problem is with the electric switch. The service tech said a new switch would be shipped on Monday and should arrive at the campground today. So today's project is to wait for a crappy switch and then install said switch. Ross thought that a short video of the problem would be of interest to everyone but then on second thought Ross figured that was a crappy idea.

Ross does plan on writing Tiffin Motorhome and asking the owner of the company why is it necessary to install a toilet that requires a complicated electro-mechanical operator to flush. There are only three things you need to operate a toilet; water under pressure, a water valve, and gravity, all of which are in abundant supply. We have had RV's of one type or another since 1972 and this is the first RV equipped with a toilet flush system that requires more that a foot pedal to operate the water valve to allow the water to flow and the waste to drop into the holding tank. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) apparently is not a concept followed by Tiffin.

Monday we visited the mother of a very good friend of ours who is recuperating at a rehab center in Leominster, Massachusetts located about 20 miles from the campground. Yesterday we were invited to dinner at the home a cousin of Marge's that lives in Andover, Massachusetts. They are going to join us for dinner on Thursday evening after we return from Boston where we plan on taking a bus tour of the City. Friday we have no plans but we will likely be spending some time removing bugs from the windshield and cleaning so we will be ready for a very early departure Saturday morning.

The weather since our arrival in New England has been warm, wet and humid. The temperatures are predicted to begin dropping somewhat over the next few days with more rain possible tomorrow. The last three days have been dry but the air continues to be extremely humid. We hope that the humidity levels will drop and the atypical fall weather returns to a more normal condition.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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