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Some time ago I started thinking about changing my life. what would this entail? I wanted to get away from the snow. my dream wall say lived by or on the ocean. Be happy was also there. and Love my work and be paid well for it. there were others but these were the ones that swam around in my brain. over and over and over. then I decided to try getting a job teaching English in south Korea. I got the paper work together and found a recruiter. I spoke to her once and then waited and waited and waited. then I thought maybe this was not going to happen so then what? "I've got a god damn plan" from Tremors (movie) the plan: quite my job, give away most of my stuff take what little money I had saved, and i do mean a little money :) and go find a cheap beach and be open to what the world had for me. I pick three places in Thailand to start. I pick Thailand because of the beaches. anyways, as you have read the first two did not go well so I followed advice from my friend steph and came to Ko Samui. Things are feeling better. the first part of the island I was on felt like when I was a kid, and look that way to. this part has 2 McDonald's, a Starbucks, an international hospital and an air port. and the beach is beautiful. the sand is white and the water is a beautiful green. I don't know if this is home but it sure is calming. now, Dolly the woman who booked me in the hostel is such a character. bleach blond hair, skinny as a stick, a cigarette sticking out one side of her mouth and motherly advice coming out the other. I like her already. so far I have come across an australian running the subway, the American with the book store to sell (if only I have that much money:( and the the Irish guy running the Irish pub. not to mention the cute Australian name Matt sleeping next to me (I mean the bunk next to me)too bad he is leaving to 2 days. tomorrow I plan to spent a great deal of time on a lounge chair on the beach reading a can be so hard :P love Nadean

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