NED on Tour! 2011 travel blog

Sept 27 and today 28 th....

Yesterday was a sad day,sunny and sad.....we caught the bus into NottinghAm and had a last walk around town and lunch...caugh the bus our final double decker back to Margs and stayed for a few hours until it came time to say goodbye...none of us wanting to make the first move.....Andrew came from work to say cheerio so we did the goodbyes,feeling very very sad but so glad we had come to see them...we drove off down the road feeling pretty down and headed to Jaynes which was going to be a difficult goodbye to....Ethan and Connor straight upstairs to the xbox! And we chatted and then had a lovely pasta dinner by Jeff! It was delicious,mine gluten free.... Great....we had a lovely dinner together and then thought we had better make a move,to get back to pack our cases...very sad to say goodbye...Jayne had said we started emailing in May 2002 ,she had my first email! It won't be the last and am going to wait for them to come and see us now! I left travel brochures on the lounge as a hint! Ha ha

Through Teary eyes we headed back to Selston,squeezed our cases shut!! Oh dear are they heavy!

I am having to wear my new boots on the

Plane they are too heavy for the cases! Went to bed,leg still aching so not sure how the plane trip will be.....long no doubt..

Sad sad day.....

Sept sunny day again,lovely soon as we got up and dressed we realized that was it,we are going home....excited to see Bobby and Levi and our house,but we are all very comfortable here and could stay longer......

The weather is great at the moment....we are in a costa coffee stop...Last one! Last time....David just made me a coffee member,should have done that at the start....I would have been an honoury member......

I will sign off now till we get home,we are heading for Manchester airport not far away now to leave our car ..that should be fun with the giant dint in the top of the roof? How it got there who knows.....not us...fully insured so will see what happens.....then to catch the plane from Manchester to London and leaving London at 21.30 for Melbourne via all our plane gear ready and hope new movies on board...

But realistically I think we will sleep from London all the way through!! Ha ha and judging by the garlic we ate in Jeffs pasta dish ,no one will bother us!! In fact we may clear the plane?

Goodbye for now,speak soon,will finish this when I arrive home..

I will miss all our special friends in Uk,it has been a magic journey for us we will never forget......

Xxxxxxxxx signing off from Costa Uk...xxxxxx

Well back again,arrived quickly at Manchester airport,dropped off hire car and no need to worry,the dint was already there befor we go it! Phew!! Many texts to Marg,Jayne said good bye to Leah,Jo,joyce and Pat,will go though gates soon..bu before we do we weighed our cases,oh only 13 kilo over weight!! Omg! At £40 a kilo we started wondering what to throw out,...a nice airport guy told us to buy. New carry on each . So we got a cheap carry on each and stuffed half of our cases in the carry ons.....can hardly carry them but our cases are now under weight!! Wow lucky....the carry ons are a total disaster area but if customs need to look should be fun

Anyway just about to go though,had an awesome time of our lives,need to si back and remember and recall it all.....Ethan is excited to go home and see his dogs and house and friends but we all will miss the time we have had here.....xxxx Bon voyage...xxxxxx

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