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Teepee at Rest Area


Waking up at 5:30 to get Blackbird fixed again, don't want to be late again. Need-sleep-

There was no traffic this way so we arrived at 6:15 which is funny. So we ate breakfast at home and laid down for a little while longer until we got up to bring Blackbird into the service bay.

We stayed a while at the service lounge which offered free WIFI and some news on the television. We haven't seen much news lately, we don't have TV and certainly don't have any time to read it on the internet or in the papers, so this was a treat. I guess that it is good that the biggest news headlines were the latest Facebook changes and the Minnesota's Italian festival. After we got sick of that we made our way back to Caribou which has great decaf by the way. We proceeded to hand out our information to the interested Caribou staff (who were awesome by the way.) If you guys are listening, thank you for letting us use your lovely facility for those two days, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it and will be spreading the good word of Caribou wherever we go. THANK YOU! Also, I beat Joe at checkers - twice- which does not happen very often so I am basking in the glow!

After a fuel injector blast among other things the Blackbird seemed to be running a little bit better at least and that was going to have to be good enough for us. All the guys at the shop agreed she would not poop out on us during the trip and explained that they would just be guessing if they were to replace anything else (and it would be expensive), so onward we travel...

On the road out we stumbled upon Northern Minnesota's Largest Candy Shop that had made it's home in this big YELLOW barn. And the sign read, "Homemade candy apples. You need one now" so we had to stop! Can anybody say "tourist trap"?

After spending $1.00 of our allotted $3.00 for the stop (I spent it on toffee :D ) we trucked out Route 90 in search of MItchell, SD home of the world's only Corn Palace-yeah you heard me right, Corn Palace.

We covered some good ground that night and stopped at a Pilot in Sioux Falls SD for some much needed hot showers. During the wait I got my first lesson on WWE wrestling having to sit in a truck stop waiting room with that and only that on TV. Ouch, my IQ hurts.

Made it to the Canistota Rest Area, pooped out.

Till tomorrow

Blackbird out

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