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The Spirit of Gypsy

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Campfire in NY

Catskill Mountains - foggy

Signs of fall - Catskill Mountains

Squirrell gathering food

Professor Cauley

I want to send a hello to our Tiki neighbors/friends; we loved the message you left us last week on my cell phone. It sounded like you were having one of those famous impromptu gatherings that our street is famous for. Sounded like you were having a fun evening; sorry we missed it, but thanks for thinking of us!

We left Lockport/Niagara area Monday morning and drove most of the day, about 250 miles through Syracuse and Albany, NY, passing acres and acres of cabbage, sweet corn and more pumpkins as well as apple orchards. As far as the eye could see, there were fields of cabbage and corn; I had no idea there was so much farm land in New York. We spent Monday and Tuesday night at Interlake RV Park, Space 504 in Rhinebeck, NY which is near the base of the Catskill Mountains so it feels like we camping in a national forest.

Tuesday we decided to do a little sightseeing around the area and drove through the Catskill Mountains even though it was overcast and foggy. We saw more signs of changing fall colors, passed through quaint little communities, saw a neat waterfall, but no place to pull over or take photos so had to keep driving. Later we returned to the campground, lit a small campfire and sat outdoors for awhile.

Tommy has been having a toothache off and on for the last week; he's started taking antibiotics so hopefully it won't get any worse before we get back home. We may have to look for a dentist while on the road if the pain gets any worse; it doesn't hurt all the time, just comes and goes, which is really strange.

Tomorrow is a travel day, we'll be heading toward Newport, Rhode Island for about four days, so take care and we'll catch up later ...

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