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Night time on the Armonia

Transfer to..


Goodbye Armonia

and a buss to

Santorini-Dry and arid

Wine and..

Cheese tasting..

..from the winery

Views to the top-Santorini


around Santorini



..the village..



and Again..

Isn't it..




..back to the boat.

sunset-leaving Santorini

Monday 26th September 2011 Weather:-Windy/Big Waves


We were ‘little stop outs’ last night as we did not get back to our cabin until around 12:30am. The theme of the day was “Festive Italiana” and they had a good Latin American band playing on the pool deck so we went up there after dinner for a listen and a dance—it made for a fun evening and we enjoyed ourselves. We also went back to the more formal restaurant for dinner and found that the atmosphere there is more relaxed as well. I suppose for the staff it takes a couple of days to work everyone out—who they can have a joke with and who likes to keep them at arm’s length—we seem to strike the same ‘Mayor Domo’ who is in charge of our table and can have a little smile with him so that is good in my books.

While we were asleep we entered open water and the waves are a lot higher now. Up until today the ship has been running very smoothly but now you can feel a bit of rock and rolling and because of our stop at Santorini necessitating getting off the ship by tender (transferred to shore by a little boat) and we had heard a fleeting announcement over the intercom about that, we decided to go to the tour desk to enquire what was going to happen (in case disembarkation had been cancelled because of rough water). The Italian girl in charge tapped her watch and said “it is only 9:30am madam, we will see a bit later, but in any case if the ship turns over we will all swim” all this time accenting her words with hand movements of the ship turning over and all of us swimming---bringing smiles to all within earshot.

We took the Oia Village excursion today because one of our wishes was to get to the top of the Island so that we could overlook some of the villages with their blue domed roof tops. First we had the transfer to shore which went very smoothly and then the bus trip to the top of the island. We were surprised at the dryness of this volcanic island and that we did not see any greenery—even the grapevines that they grow here for the wine that they produce are prostrate on the ground, the vines look more like ground cover to us. All of the usable water is trucked in from places like Crete and most people just drink bottled water so any agriculture has to be able to survive on the little rain that falls here. Herman has commented on the lack of water tanks as we could not see any but there must be a reason for that. While riding in the bus we saw many, many houses that are in the beginning of their building process but just seemed to be stopped / abandoned in middle of the building process? Is it due to the economy, or what? The atmosphere was again extremely milky with the white houses on the top of the island just looking like a layer of snow until we got a lot closer to them. Our first stop was for a visit to a vineyard with wine tasting, local cheese and olives. The only Greek wine that I have tasted before in my life was Retsina (I am not a fan) I am sorry to say that the red and white wine we tasted today was a little better but again ‘it must be an acquired taste’ and I have not graduated yet. Finally we drove to Oia village and I saw the views that are on all the postcards of Santorini and I can tell you that all those postcard and calendar shots are taken in a 10 metre radius in the centre of the Oia village and unless you are told from where they are taken you would most probably be disappointed from your visit to Santorini.

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