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The Stratford Hall Grounds

A View of Stratford Hall and an Adjacent Building

The Gardens at The Hall

The Potomac River in the Distant

A Bedroom at the Hall

The Workshop

The Carriage House

The George Washington Birthplace Home--Not in the Right Location

The George Washington Birth Place Spire

Monday is a work day and we decided to head out to the Northern Neck of Virginia where George Washington and Robert E. Lee were born. While it was about 65 miles to the locations, most of the drive was thru the countryside and it was pleasant. Best of all we found diesel for $3.59/gallon--lowest price of the trip! It was also driving away from Washington DC.

Robert E. Lee was born on an estate named Stratford with a beautiful brick home and brick out buildings--barns, kitchen, etc. His family built the estate in the late 1600's and raised tobacco. The house is located on the Potomac River because roads were nonexistent. The grounds are beautiful and are used for weddings and other gatherings. The past weekend they had a wine tasting and the tents were still there. The house was really nice for being built in the early 1700's. All of the bricks used in the construction were fired on the estate--and they used alot of bricks! Robert E. Lee only lived here until he was 4 or 5 years old. The next stop--about 5 miles away--was George Washington's Birth Place. The National Park Service operates this site with Ranger tours and good descriptions of the site. The actual house where Washington was born-burned to the ground. A replica was built in the 1930's but it was not located on the site where the original house was built. The property is on the Potomac River to provide river access for their tobacco crops. It was a busy day and we returned to the RV park around 5 pm for a steak dinner. Tomorrow the travelers split up--Andrea and Michael are going to stay about 2 weeks in Richmond with their family. Susan and Tim are heading off to other adventures.

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