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Pit No 1

Pit No 1 (2)

Pit No 1 (2)

Pit No 1 (3)

Mended and not yet mended

original bronze chariot

Archer only survivor Pit 2

Proof of our visit

Another busy day today. Arrived in Xi'an early afternoon yesterday. Took a long taxi ride to our accommodation! Disappointing. Rooms very small and nothing like our previous accommodation. It is also well out of the city and to get anywhere costs a lot - has to be by Taxi because transport not real good near here. But it has all been worth it after seeing the Terracotta Warriers. WOW!! Absolutely incredible. We decided to pay the money for a guide and it was worth the 150 Yuan ($23.80) for three hours. We viewed three pits and they are still digging. They think there may be upwards of 6,000 warriers still buried. They are waiting for the technology to uncover whilst preserving the colours once exposed to the air. The warriers are all solid clay except for the torso which is hollow. Not one of them looks like another. Each one crafted by an expert artist who engraved their names on them. It is not until you see them in the pits that you realise how badly broken they all are, some into thousands of pieces. All destroyed by fire and peasant rebellion. It is such a shame. So far only one warrier has been found in perfect condition in Pit 2. It is sitting in a glass case in the Museum protected from oxygen which may cause the paint to disappear. The vibrant colours in the paint has broken down and disappeared within three short days. Fought with taxi driver trying to rip us off! You can tell the difference out here where the people are poorer and will continue to try and take your money. We drove past hundreds of market stalls selling pomegranates. We have never seen so many in our lives! Apparently they are the local produce and in season now. Pam bought one to taste. We are waiting for her comments. Just heard on the news about Shanghai subway accident with 240 people injured. We are staying near the subway for two nights and would have used it, but now not so sure! We have decided to change hotels for one night because this one is so far from everything - except the teracotta warriers. Have a look at our pictures. Until next time.....

Virginia, Max, Pam, Malcolm

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