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Train getting loaded with grain

Baron Goose, Dawnie can't beleive they should look this way.

Along our travels we have occasionally met some pretty good characters, today we stopped in at a little town called Bute and met a fine character indeed. We wanted to drop off some engine oil at a local Rubbish Tip and have been searching for one over the past two days when we happened upon one. We pulled in and found an older gentleman sitting at his post under a ram shackled tin roof post. We kindly asked him if they recycled oil here and at first he didn’t understand Jason, or maybe it was our “North American” accent he seemed to be having trouble with. It took a few tries and finally the elderly man said, “Well if yer asking if we take oil, than yes we do”. He told us to go up the hill, turn left and we would see a building with a side door - that was where we would find it. Than he stated that it hadn’t been used for years. When they introduced the recycling program here in Bute it started off with a bang. Everyone was becoming more aware of being “greener” but as time wore on the recycling died off and it hasn’t been used for a long time. He didn’t even know if there were still funnels and tools inside the shed to help us deposit our oil into the barrels provided in the building, in fact he had no idea how full the barrels even were.

Off we went up the hill and to the oil recycling building. Jason found the barrels and funnels and all the goods to make his deposit. Once done, off we went down the hill to thank the man and be on our way. We soon discovered that this bloke was in no rush and was obviously just dying for some new blood to come through and chat with. I asked his name and he said, “Noel Glass” spelled like yer windshield, as he tapped his knuckles on the inside of my passenger side window. Jason said “Your name would be Christmas Glass then”. To which Noel had a laugh and said “I guess it could be” and obviously was very proud at that fact. Noel asked where we were from and we told him Canada. Noel said, “I wanted to go there and become a Mounty but I was too damn short. I’ve been around horses all my life and never fell off any damn one of em.” Noel also told us that he'd never seen snow or ice and never really cared to. That anyone that likes the cold, the bastards must be “completely insane” he reckons. Noel proceeded to tell us he used to work in the oil and gas industry for a long time driving big semi’s for Pacific. “You know Pacific is a large Canadian outfit don’t ya?” Yes Jason said and so we got to chatting a bit more, then Noel told us he was 86 years old and that he thought you had to keep busy no matter what age you at. He was happy to say that he works two days a week at the rubbish tip for two hours each of those days. I told him he looked great and he smiled and said, “I’m the only Australian they couldn’t shoot, hang or electrocute!” and while saying this he demonstrated his spryness with putting his fists into boxing action and did a Rocky Balboa right in front of us. I thought to myself, “Hot digity dog - this crazy Australian is one character, DANG he must have some good stories to tell.” We had a great chuckle, talked some more and said Good-Bye to Noel.

On our way out of Bute we stopped in at an information stop which just so happened to have a free farm zoo located on the same premises. There were little wallabies, ducks, black swans, white goose, peacocks, emus and some strange looking birds that resembled vultures. There were Cape Barren Goose that looked as though they had a rough nights drinking, their feathers were all out of place and absolutely appeared as though they had just received the shock of their lives....I thought this must be a joke but apparently this is how they should appear. One duck took a liking to Jason and kept coming over to the fence hissing at him. We would walk away and once Jason got close to his pen again the duck would come right back over and start hissing.

After a bite to eat we were ready to hit the road again, making our way to the city of Adelaide.

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