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Well it's official!! As of tonight, we've now RV'd in all 49 of the United States in North America.

We took a look at the weather map and noticed that Las Vegas is still hitting triple digit temperatures and decided that maybe we'll do Las Vegas next next winter/early spring (or maybe at the beginning of the next Ice Age).

So we drove until 6 PM today (almost 400 miles) and just barely crossed the Nevada border. We're camping at another casino. We drove through the Mojave desert today (very arid again) and it was pretty desolate but also strangely beautiful in many places. We came across the largest wind mill farm we've ever seen.

We had a PB&J lunch while Bob drove. We had a hard time finding a rest stop. They were all closed - a cost savings effort??. We made one stop for gas and just about an hour before getting to the campsite, we finally found an open rest stop - Darby had her legs crossed!!

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