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There we were… driving merrily through a corn field in Indiana on a lovely Saturday afternoon when it happened... that dreaded light on the dash warning us that something is wrong with our vehicle. (Granted, I must say I also appreciate the technology that makes such a warning light possible.) The battery light was shining brightly red and the words “Service Battery Charging System” was flashing across the dash, who knew that those four words could send such a chill up my spine?

Could it be the battery needing to be replaced? No, a stop at Auto Zone told us that our battery was in great shape, but the alternator? Not doing its job. As luck would have it, the nearest Chevy service center was in Watseka, Illinois, a mere 24 miles away from where the light came on and the service center happens to be located next door to a WalMart.

So here we sit until Monday morning, in the WalMart parking lot, waiting to get our Clyde back up and running. Except for not having a shower readily available, it really isn’t all that bad here. After all, we have a ready supply of food, the weather is cool enough that we don’t need to run our air conditioner, and we are grateful that we didn’t break down in the middle of the cornfield and need a tow. So, we are looking at this as a weekend of rest and then we will see what the mechanics say on Monday morning.

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