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Laurie, Allen and Rebecca

Allen, Sharon, Laurie

Pat, Dave, Randy

Roasted Pig for dinner

Pam, Kelly, Suzy

Zoe, Alyssa

Former 18th Ward Bishops

Allen, Kelly

Wes, Kelly

Polynesian Dancers

The men danced too

Traditional Hawaiian Dance by Sister Doxey

Another beautiful dance

In the LDS Church, the congregations are called "wards". When we joined the church in 1972, the Denver 18th Ward was our assigned congregation. It encompassed much of east Denver and all of Aurora. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were so many wonderful people there and the activity was high. It became the "best" ward that we have compared all others to in our "church" life:)

We had a great attendance at the reunion. It was a wonderful time to see old friends and to share experiences and memories. The Fafita family served us an outstanding Luau meal complete with a whole roasted pig. After dinner, we were entertained with Polynesian dancing. The Fafita family has been around for as long as I can remember and as their family has expanded, they have been able to form a group that entertains with meals and cultural dancing. We were privileged to have them perform for us.

Finally all was cleaned up and the chairs all put away, but no one wanted to leave:) We were having such a good time. Everyone agreed that another reunion was essential. We are looking forward to it:)

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