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A beautiful rainbow at CC

Cherry Creek State Park just south of Aurora, CO is about the only nice place to park an RV in the Denver metro area. Someone looking for a business could really do well with a nice clean well-managed RV park in the Aurora area. So, we "suck it up" and pay the outrageous state park fees and the daily entrance fee - PER CAR. By the time we are done with all the fees for non-residents, it averages about $35/night:( So, we compensate by spending less time there than we would at a more reasonable price.

Our reason for spending time here is to visit our daughter and her family for a few days, as well as touch base with some of our friends still living here. We lived in Aurora for about 38 years and have a lot of history here. Of course, there is the fantastic shopping in the metro area and some great restaurants:) Wes did some repair work for the kids and finished up some projects he was working on.

While we were here, we received news that our good friend and classmate, Terry Curtis, had passed away. A sad day indeed. We all grew up and went to school together in Tribune, KS and then his family moved just a block away from us when we lived in Aurora. We were able to extend our camp site one more day so we could attend the memorial service on Monday, July 11. It was an outstanding service and a lot of memories were shared.

We also attended the 18th Ward Reunion of our church. More on that later:)

It was a good week, but we are anxious to get to the mountains:)

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