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The Mimic..

..The Hand puppets..

..the strongmen..

..and the...


..were fantastic last night.

Croatia, Albania?

and Corfu.

on the balcony looking out.

Aproaching the dock-Corfu


..around the

..port of ....


Shopping in..

..the Town on a hot day

Back on board-Corfu

Sunday 25th September 2011 Weather:-26 and very humid.

The revue that I did for the Cabaret show on our first night on board was as we found it but last night it was a different story; - we had a comical mime artist who had the whole audience in stiches followed by two people who did shadow puppetry with their hands also to much applause and they were followed by two extremely strong acrobats. The ship’s ballet group were also really on the ball, exuding lots of energy and the singers were great and for us that finished off a great day. On our way back to our cabin at about 10:30pm the ship was jumping in all the other bars but we had partied enough (is that called getting old?) so of to bed we went. Herman watched a futuristic movie called “Tron” which was shown in English but as to how much of it he really saw (before he too fell asleep) I would not like to guess.

We are really feeling spoilt having this balcony cabin as we can have the balcony door open whenever we are in there and that includes when we are asleep. If we had a cabin with only a window that would not be the case as those windows do not open and we would be under air conditioning the whole time when inside. Also I can get some hand washing done and hang it in the sun in a way that it cannot be spotted out on the dock—I know that this ship is flying the Italian flag but I do not want it to look completely like an Italian village. Because we are going from one ship to another washing could have become an issue. At this stage we are making inquiries as to the availability and cost to upgrade on the next cruise but as it is the weekend we have not had a response from our travel agent yet and if we do it through the MSC lines we have to wait until we board the next ship.

We docked in Corfu, Greece at 12:30pm today for a 7 hour period and the ship’s personnel had organized a shuttle bus (at a cost of Au$11)--to take us into and out of the town which is about 15 minutes away from the dock where we were anchored. Cruising along the coast of Croatia and Albania the land mass was almost hidden by the haze that permeates on this side of the world but once on Corfu we could see that it is quite an attractive island and can understand why some of the Greeks and tourists consider it to be the most attractive of the Greek islands. Homer himself once described Corfu as a "beautiful and rich land" and the famous William Shakespeare had it in mind when creating the magical isle of the ‘Tempest’.

Corfu has been through different periods: - the Venetian, the English and the French, which have changed it and shaped it making it what it is today, with its castles, its stone-flagged alleys and its arcades and the places you can visit in Corfu are numerous, castles, museums, monasteries and palaces but us who have degenerated into poor (very lazy) tourists it was “just another good day out”

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