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We were very proud of ourselves this morning. We had been planning to go to Rottnest island some time before we left for Sydney, but were waiting for some good weather. But today the sun rose with us so we made a snap decision, booked a ferry ride and got changed and down to the docks within an hour!

At the docks we hired a pair of bicycles and a set of goggle/snorkel. We then loaded our bikes onto the ferry and then got a set of seats before we departed. The ferry ride from the docks at Hillary takes about 45mins. Coraline was an absolute barrel of fun as she was so intent on staring at the floor so that she wouldn't get sick that I was not even allowed to talk to her. 45min alone with my thoughts!!! Awesome, you should try it sometime!

Rottnest is basically an island similar to Robben island minus the jail, which has plenty holiday homes on it where you can rent and stay. It is very small (you can cycle around it only 22km), and has lots of little beaches, bays and coves where you can ride to on your bike and then just chill. It is a very popular tourist spot and heavily geared to cyclist where you can rent bikes and tour the island. You can do bus tours as well.

Once we arrived at Rottnest at about 10h30, we went to Subway and made 2 sandwiches which we took with us until we found a nice beach or spot to eat brunch. We chose to do the 10km route to start with which cut through the middle of the island. This route had quite a few hills early on which certainly worked the legs, especially when you trying to get used to the bike and it's gears.

We stopped at a T-Junction 5km and about what felt like 20 hills later! We decidedmto park the bikes and walk over the dunes ahead which took us to a cliff looking over the coast below. We chose this spot to eat and Colz decided to change into her shorts as she was getting hot. Whilst we were sitting we saw the clouds moving in fast which didn't look to good so we just chose to carry on. Within about 5min we experienced a downpour for about 15min. There was nothing we could do or place to shelter so we chose to just laugh it off and carry on our ride. Colz was getting the hang of her bike quickly and claimed to be a whizz back in the hood when she was younger! We managed to get some great pictures and saw beautiful bays etc on the ride

Once we had completed our loop we then went along the 4km route which ran along the coast and past all the accommodation. We stopped at a beach where I had a little snorkel. Colz was a poepol as the water was quite cold (think Cape Town).

After about 45min of swimming and lying in the sun we completed the loop and then went to the shops for a coffee/milkshake for a bit. They have a mini supermarket where you can phone and order your groceries when you coming to stay and they will have them delivered on time when you arrive so you don't have to lug them over on the ferry with you! Colz and I reckon the island would make a great week getaway to just chill, read and relax. It also has tennis courts, putt putt, a golf course and mini airfield on it.

We had some time to kill so we then road about a further 8-10km around the island covering little roads we had not seen. Was an awesome day and really loved the bikes. Definitely going to try hire bikes more often on the trip if possible.

At 16h30 we left on the ferry back to Hillary Port where we had parked the car. On the out of the Rottnest Port we struck some reef which buggered up one of the props. Thus the normal 45min took about an hour. I thought this meant another 60min alone with my thoughts but Colz was pretty brave jumping up to try spot whales out the window, singing along to songs on the radio. Not sure what it was but was happy for the company on the way back.

After we got back we drove back to the house(well navigated by me for remembering the way). Big thanks to Cath for having done a load of laundry for us. I had a quick shower and desperately needed shave and we had a fantastic meal of roast lamb with potato bake and veg! Really Master Class Meal!

We then organized to meet Roxanne and Russel for dinner tomorrow night and are planning a trip into the city.

Otherwise a great day and going to have a great DOODS as we did some serious exercise today.




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