Beer and Tapas tour 2011 travel blog

Lichfield Cathedral

Close up of Lichfield Cathedral facade

Whitwight Manor - a wonderful arts and craft style house

Hanbury Hall

David Austin Roses in full bloom

Grae's treat - a ride on the Severn Valley Railway

Twenty plus hours on a plane, even if it's a new Singapore Airways A380 isn't much fun, unless of course you are Grae who is trying for a world record breaking attempt at non stop drunken tetris or so it seems from where I'm sitting. Great food, current in flight entertainment and very friendly staff go someway to help pass the many hours. The A380 is a relatively quiet plane which is great, except, unfortunately not all the babies on board got the 'silence is golden' memo.

Highlights of our time in England included catching up with Grae's family, visiting some wonderful National Trust houses and the famous and in bloom David Austin Rose Gardens. Well shall I rephrase that, they were certainly some of my highlights. Grae probably enjoyed all the real ales and stodgy food.

What we both loved were all the unique accents from the interesting local characters we met along the way and we sure met a few. It's all english but sometimes I sure would like to be able to turn on the subtitles.

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