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Odessa, Florida!!

We are home for a couple of days - maybe a week or so, while the coach is in for service. We could have had it serviced on the road but it would have meant a week in a hotel, with hundreds of dollars of expenses for food and shelter, while we waited for the repairs.

The water intrusion was steady all night long, and Howard's fix was not the fix we needed. We have no clue where the wrinkle in the roof line came from, or when, so we can't tell if that is the reason for the water, or if it is something else. We just know that it was there in a smaller amount before we left (we thought it was condensation from the AC unit as it was underneath it). When the rains poured down on us in Savannah, they were merciless on us as far as the amount on the floor, never mind what was hidden behind the stairs and being absorbed by the wood behind the carpet. To tell the truth, I am kind of glad that there was the wrinkle in the roof, as the Insurance will make sure that all wood structures will be checked and verified for damage and will be replaced if need be. I am not sure if they would be so thorough if it was just a water leak issue.

We decided to bring the coach home because we love our dealership and they have always been such "Good Ole Boys from the South" fair dealing and everyone feels like they got a good deal in the end. Besides if we did anything around Savannah, our only choices would have been Camping World, and we would have been just a number and could have withstood long delays and been jockeying for position in the bays for service. At SunCoast, they put the rig right inside so no more water would get inside and they said they would have us out 5 days after the adjuster came out - Right now, we are looking at Thursday or Friday of next week, if the Insurance Guy gets a move on. Chris, the Service Manager (for about 8 years) started laughing when I said beside the only other choice we had was "CAMPING WORLD", and then he said...."You just brought your coach to Camping World, we will be Camping World as of Monday, we were bought out by them effective tomorrow!" Luckily, I am still working with the old mentality and we will get some of the same service before all the big signs and all the advertising goes out!

All in all, it was a good decision to come home, as I know that we are relaxing a bit knowing that we aren't spending an arm and a leg waiting for things to be done. We also know that our rig is in good hands, and we are getting the best service we can get for something that is out of our control. We also know that after the two fiascoes that have befell so far; my tooth and the roof/water issue - better not to chance it and look for the 3 strikes and you're out scenario. God only knows what the third fiasco could have been. We are not that stupid that it takes three smacks up the side of the head to let us know that "JUST MAYBE, we shouldn't be on this trip."

So, with that being said, we are revamping our trip. Tomorrow I cancel all our reservations for the northeast (Besides it is pouring cats and dogs there - with no end in sight!) We rethink our plans, it may be just Tennessee and Georgia. It may be the Blue Ridge Parkway and Georgia, or maybe all three. Who knows, maybe I can get Howard to take me to Gatlinburg - never been, not sure if it is worth going - more research needed. But we will be out sometime next weekend, and heading north of Florida. After that - Heaven knows what we are going to do. When we know, you will be the first to know! Keep an eye here for further updates, as to our state of affairs with the coach, and with our plans.

Love to all,

Barb and Howard

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