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I am at the Philly airport waiting for my first flight. I connect at LAX. My last 2 1/2 hours on US soil until next April. I am mixed with feelings. Nervous. Excited. Worried. This will be my longest journey I've ever taken. I still don't feel as travel savvy as some of my other friends. I definitely still am not a minimal packer. I think I have too many books but they are books about Asia that I bought months ago and never got around to reading. Now that I have an EEEpad I will need to start getting eBooks. Still not sure about those things but they will make travel lightly easier.

My neck still hurts. It has been hurting since the last night of the playa (the Sunday before Labor Day.) It was my shoulders for a bit but seems to have migrated up and got stuck. The pain sits in the base of my skull. I thought it continued due to my long drive from Reno, to San Diego, and then across the US to New Jersey. Now I wonder if it is due to stress. Stress of the drive combined with anxieties about this trip, then some family drama added to the mix.

I have done a lot of travel. But still feel like a nomad virgin when I compare myself to some people I know. I have traveled a bit of South America, a lot of Europe, a bit of China, Egypt, 49 of the US states, Australia, New Zealand, and a little bit of Southeast Asia with the Navy when I was a midshipman. I know I have some people to meet up with in various Asian countries. I have Couchsurfers. I will meet other like-minded travelers in hostels. But I am scared I will get lonely.

Living out of a bag isn't always easy. Then again, I haven't had a settled lifestyle in over 6 years. I started travel nursing in Aug 2005. Since then I have packed up and moved every 2-6 months, with the longest stay being 9 months in the DC area. I am used to the transient lifestyle. But that doesn't make it easy. I keep hoping when I return to the US, I settle in one area. At least for 2 years.

When I went to Burning Man, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to learn to be less judgemental. I wanted be prepared to deal with culture shock on this trip. I wanted to easily be able to accept people for their differences. Is that ever easy? Burning Man is full of different types of people and that is why I love it. It is not a perfect world. One of my favorite changes in myself since attending Burning Man is that I am more comfortable with nudity. I am more comfortable with my own body's imperfections.

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