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The entrance

"Bockscar", the B-29 that dropped the last atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan...

The Apollo capsule that went into space and orbited the moon

Minuteman II nuclear missile. The blur at the bottom right is the...

The bottom star on the display is where my mother's side of...

A Russian Mig-29. They don't mention how we got it. Hmmmm

I woke up this A.M. at about 8:00; MB at about 10:00; so we got a late start on this rainy day’s activities. It rained overnight, then off and on our hour trip north on I-75, then east on I-675 near Dayton to the USAF Museum.

The museum is massive – even bigger than the Naval Museum in Pensacola. This has 3 huge buildings and a smaller one that houses some space/missile displays and some outside displays that we never even got to see. Probably the most newsworthy display is the B-29 bomber that dropped the 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan to end World War II. I thought the navy museum was impressive, but I gotta say this is better, except for one issue. All of the buildings and displays are dark which make it real difficult to take any decent pictures but I guess I can’t complain too much cuz it was free.

The displays are divided into chronological order, from early 1900 planes like the Wright Brothers (including parts from the original plane), to current planes like the B-2 bomber, F-22 fighter and unmanned drones. To anyone interested in stuff like this, it is the kind of place where you could spend a couple days. I’m sure MB’s tolerance was exceeded early in the day, but she didn’t whine and actually was impressed by some of the displays. Tomorrow is her day to drag me wherever she wants and I will go without too much whining. Some, but not too much.

We got home about 5:30, walked the hound for a while, then I whipped up some dinner and ran to get some dessert while she did the dishes. Now it’s time for the nightly ritual –TV, update and plans for tomorrow.

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