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Smurf's movie

Well so much for staying next to a quiet road. The sleepy looking warehouse across the road roared to life this morning to reveal a monster scrap metal yard with the crunching of steel to ease us into the day.

The day warmed up quickly and reached around 40 degrees and very high humidity by about 10 am. It was quite draining so we headed for the local woolies to do some much needed shopping and bask in the air conditioning for an hour or so. Seriously these big shopping centres send me into a minor bout of depression whenever I go into them. They seem to suck all the life out of me like the Dementors on Harry Potter. I hate the Fresh Food People! There I said it.

The heat was getting us all down so we headed for the pool to cool down where we met a nice woman and her kids from Melbourne who is doing a similar trip to us. It's always good when the kids find other kids to play with. They make friends so easily and it gives them a break from us as much as it does us from them.  

After the swim we decided to go into Darwin CBD to have a look around and take the kids to the movies to see The Smurfs. Darwin's a small city but there's a few good Aboriginal cultural shops, the obligatory crocodile themed bar and plenty of bogans to stare at. The kids loved the movie and it was in 3D so they looked very cute in their glasses. They both loved it as did the adults. We were the only ones in the cinema so we made as much noise as we wanted. Whenever Papa Smurf came on the big screen Paddy would hold up his little Papa Smurf figurine and shout "Hi Papa Smurf" so cute.

We'll have another day in Darwin tomorrow before heading off to Litchfield National park to go bush again which will be nice.

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