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Well I didn't plan that far ahead for this part of my journey, I was going to head to Paris today but it was going to cost me 150 euros on top of my rail pass for a cabin as it was an overnight train, so I decided to book a ticket to the French border town in spain of Saint Sebastian. It seemed like a good plan until I started looking for rooms to stay at while in the town for one night and there are none, I guess I'll just figure it out when I get up there or stay up all night travelling on smaller trains as I want to go to Burgandy region and the paris train just didn't stop anywhere in France until just outside of Paris and that was way too much backtracking.

I was talking to Jerry (my step father) the other day and he is taking care of my money while I'm gone and he said that he was having a hard time keeping up to shipping money into that account as I was taking more out that he was ready for, his advise to me was don't worry about the money and just enjoy your trip you only do this once in a life time. Well anyone that knows Jerry would know that statement was kind of scary and I'm worried about him, just spend money and worry about it later. What has happened there.LOL

Well I'll let everyone know where I end up once I know better, it will be somewhere in France and making my way up the west coast hopefully to Normandy.I'm just afraid that I might have to go into Paris for a day to catch a train that way, oh well one day with no room in Paris I can see the sites at night or just keep travelling. I have slept too much in train stations and that has really lost it's appeal. Although I am getting pretty good at making faces as security comes up to me that they just keep on walking now. ;)

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