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Last day in Singapore was a bunch of everything. Exciting, exhausting, and fabulous all rolled into one.

Took my time packing up the bag, and managed to get EVERYTHING in it with some room to spare. No clue how that happened. Checked out at 11am, left the bag with the staff until tonight when I will come scoop it up on the way back to the airport, and sat in the lobby until noon when Lim came to pick me up. He suggested that we eat a small dessert at a local place so we stopped by a shop and he introduced me to bean curd. Sounds gross I know. But it wasn't too bad. Warm and with a consistency of yogurt, and surrounded by a light syrup. You eat with along with a piece of fried bread that is kinda of bland but very light. Perfect.

Then he took me to the Botanical Gardens where we went to see the Orchids for me to take pictures for dad since that is his favorite flower ever. There were a ton of school kids there tho so after about a hundred pictures I was ready to jet and get away from them all. Lim then dropped me off at the Omni Theater so I could watch Born to Be Wild, which I have wanted to see for a while. It's narrated by Morgan Freeman so it's even better than the regular Omni shows ;) He regretfully had to get back to the real world and go make some money instead of ferrying broke me around everywhere.

When I left there it was just me and my umbrella against the world. Yea it was raining. I crossed the 4 lane street (in the rain!) to the other side where the bus stop was located and fortunately was able to catch the bus I needed quite quickly. For $1.10 Sin dollars :) At the bus station I had to ask many people the way to the MRT, or metro rail. Bought a card, grabbed a train, had to asked several more folks which way I was going, walk and walk and walk, and finally made it to the Singapore Flyer. Which is the largest observation wheel in the world. It's kinda like the the Eye thing in London, but bigger. Takes 30 mins to complete one rotation, and I got lucky enough to share the capsule with 5 others, 3 of which were from Singapore so they delighted in pointing out places of interest to me.

From there I grabbed a cab to Chinatown, as it was getting late and I was running out of time. Ate a pricey dinner at Da Dong's, which is where my friend Becca told me I should eat while I was there. Would have been decent priced but they snuck in some fried rice which cost $15 sin dollars because it had prawns in it. Oh well, it was perfect and deelish. Wandered around a bit, bought a few postcards and an magnet or two.

I was going to head to the airport early, but last minute decided to go ahead and go to the club that the couple from Canada (that I met on the bus coming back to Bali from the Gili Islands) had told me about, One Altitude Bar. It's set on the rooftop of the 64th floor of one of the buildings downtown. I walked up and they told me I couldn't go up to the very top because of the weather so I decided to just go as high as I could and take a peek then come on back. Oddly enough, as soon as they put me into the lift, the lady pushed the RT button, winked and said "They just opened up the rooftop, have a good time and enjoy!" YAY!!!! SO not only did I get to go all the way up, it also wasn't very crowded because they had just opened it and I was the first of the night to get to go up!!! Decided to splurge and get a martini, since it is likely the only time I will be on the 64th floor rooftop of a building anytime soon. So they made me a Lychee martini to celebrate. Found some one to take a picture of me at the very corner edge of the building. So very unreal.

After all that excitement, down I went, back to the street to grab a cab. This cabbie didn't seem as enchanted as he others I had met in this awesome city so far, he seemed kinda down and blue. Not very talkative at all. So I was quiet and then after a while he seemed to wake up and asked me a few questions. His English wasn't that good, but I could still understand him. He ended up being nice and by the end of the ride HE was the one doing all the talking! We did a drive-by at Hotel 81 to scoop up my bag, then it was off to the airport, hours early so I could take a shower, grab a bite, finish some postcards, and chill out for a while. What an amazing day in an amazing city.

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