Down East - Late Summer 2011 travel blog

While we were gone autumn returned to Illinois. It was hard to believe that we were hot and sticky the day we packed to leave; it was cool and rainy as we reversed the process. This was a hard driving trip. It was frustrating to zoom past so many nice spots that we had enjoyed in New England on previous visits, but the Road Scholar programs put us on a tight schedule. Finding campgrounds and hotels in close proximity to each other involved some compromise. There were some nights when both of us paid for more expensive digs than we might have chosen on our own, but traveling in the RV with friends who did not have an RV was certainly viable. Since the Road Scholar programs kept us overly well fed, it was nice to have meals "at home" that we prepared together in the motor home. But as always, now that we are home again our kitchen feels extra lavish and spacious with all those countertops and large burners on the stove that heat things quickly.

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