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Fort Stockton Roadrunner

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Stonehenge II, Ingram, TX

The story of Stonehenge II

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We spent two days at the Fort Stockton RV Park, in Fort Stockton only because it was on the way and we had to stay somewhere. There isn’t much to do in Fort Stockton but there is a statue of the worlds largest Roadrunner welcoming you to downtown. There is also the remains of an old fort there, the fort was used after the Civil War when Black soldiers, called Buffalo soldiers by the Indians, were sent there to protect early pioneers from Indian attacks.

Our next stop was the Kerrville KOA in Kerrville. The KOA was small and definitely not on par with some of the RV resorts in the area but it had all the necessities, was conveniently located and the price for our week stay was very reasonable. We had heard a lot about Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country from some of our snowbird friends in Alabama, some of them spend a couple months there each winter. I could definitely understand the attraction of the area. The hills and scenery of the area are very pretty, with lots of winding country roads and the Guadalupe River for fishing and water sports. The area has all the stores and restaurants you would ever need. We managed to find lots to do to keep us busy all week. There are a couple of great stores in the area; one is Hometown Crafts and Fabrics, kind of like the A & E Pharmacy in Pensacola, only bigger and better. The crafty ladies at Anchors Aweigh would love this place. The other store that we liked is Gibson’s, a large hardware type store with all kinds of stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else, I think we spent a couple hours wandering around there. We enjoyed some Hill Country cooking at The Lakehouse right along the Guadalupe River where Bob had his favorite southern dinner, catfish. Because of the draught in Texas the river was more like a large creek but still you could see that at other times of the year the river view would be beautiful. Texas needs rain so badly that even the slightest sprinkle is a reason for celebration. It sprinkled a couple times this week.

We took a very short drive along the Guadalupe River to see Stonehenge II a replica of Stonehenge built by a local attorney, after his death the entire cement display was moved to the Hill Country Arts Foundations grounds in Ingram. While this replicas is only 2/3 the size of the original Stonehenge but still impressive when seen from the road.

One afternoon we drove to Bandera about 30 miles south of Kerrville, Bandera is known as the cowboy capital of Texas, unfortunately we didn’t see even one cowboy, but we did go to the Cowboy Store. The trip would have been a disappointment except that we found a very large antique mall and spent a lot of time poking around in there. On the way back from Bandera we stopped at the Camp Verde General Store in Camp Verde. Camp Verde has historical significance because it was the site of the U. S. Army's research into the feasibility of using camels in the U. S. It seems that the experiment showed that camels were not suitable and the animals were released.

Another afternoon we drove to Fredericksburg about 25 miles north of Kerrville. German

immigrants settled Fredericksburg in the mid 1800’s. The influences of those immigrants can still be seen in and around the Fredericksburg area. The Downtown area has dozens of shops, including a very unique 5 and 10 cent store, that were fun to explore and then we enjoyed some authentic German cooking at Der Lindernbaum one on many German restaurants in the area.

We really enjoyed our brief visit to the Texas Hill Country.

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