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What a way to wake up on a Monday morning! Manchester united smash Chelsea, (sorry japes), and Liverpool catch a beating. Thanks Scotty for the updates. Made my day!

This morning we got a couple of "28" Parrots ,named after the noise they make ,on our deck. Alex and Zach got to hand feed them as they seem very tame. Obviously they enjoy the holiday makers that come to town. Colz Flu getting worse but we dosing up on the Vita C etc. So hopefully we get passed this soon. Colz and Ali had a funny run in where Alex walked in on her as she was getting in the bath. Think they both froze like deers in the headlights before he turned and ran the other way! :)

Today we are getting ready for a trip to Nannup as the weather is not ideal for the coast, so we going inland. Apparently there is meant to be a wild flower show (normally this would not intrigue me but as a tourist I say what the hell). So in we pack into the Kia and start the touring. 1st stop is a Norman Harvey store in Bussellton which is like a big appliance/home store where Andy (or macgyver2.0) is looking for a universal remote which he can download the codes for and sync to the hard drive so we can watch the Bokke. We find one for $100 and as he's married to a good Durban girl he bargains him down to a reasonable $85. The Pillays would have been proud!

Then we off to find a cellphone store, (telstra preferably as they have the best coverage nationally ), so that I can get a 3G or data sim so that I can bring you all your daily fix of what's up with Colz & Rors! Kind of like a digital age Ann Frank, but without the Nazis. And on holiday! Whilst waiting for a lady to locate her keys and take her sweet ass time about getting out of the parking bay we managed to cause a mass traffic jam in main road busselton complete with gridlock at the circle! Once we got the sim, it was a quick stop for Cath to get her daily flat white fix and off to Nannup. Oh and Scotty we saw a dwarf on our way out of town and he says if you ever in town you welcome to room with him!

On the road we passed a cemetery with a sign in front that said "Entry Only".Creepy! Picture to follow!

We headed through the country side full of pine forest plantations farms and natural Aussie bush towards Nannup. Apparently our chances of spotting a kangaroo are quite high as it's very common for them to run across the road and into your bonnet. Very excited. Roo bashing here we go!

So after about an hour or so we arrive in Nannup which is about the size of Rosetta except Rosetta has way more activity. Should have named it Sleepy Hollow rather than Nannup. Or Nap-nap. Everything looked closed (either the towns folk were asleep still or dead,)and there were bugger all flowers. You know you screwed when the police station doubles as the tourist info centre and town gift shop! No problem getting smokes to trade for safety in there! Colz says I cursed it as I was prepping for the blog by pre writing things down that we would see. Assumption is the mother of all F*@k Ups!

Anyway we stopped at the caravan park and had our padkos. We walked down to the Blackwood River and literally it's black! Freaky black!

After that it was a drive home with a pit stop at the petrol station(where it's self service) and a stop at Fiona's house for a cup of tea.But not before we spot a Kangaroo as it runs out in front of the vehicle. If ever you see a kangaroo with a Kia badge imprinted on it's ass, tell him we say hi!

Once home Colz and I made chicken a la Pirrie for dinner whilst Cath bathed the boys. The bath is like a mini space shuttle with about 2000 jets and other buttons. Zach proceeded to push a button and almost got blasted out of the bath by a jet only half under water that sprayed him/ half the bathroom and anything else that was in the room. Extremely funny for those who witnessed the shock on his face after getting a face full of water!

Colz has decided that the first thing she will teach our kids is when they wake up they must say "I want daddy!" that way she's off the hook and I am on baby duty!

So after dinner Macgyver2.0 sat down to a few more hours of surfing the net, wood chopping and serious patience testing. And just when it seemed to be over.... Cue Macgyver music... Dah dah daah, dah dah daah!

It worked. So the evening was spent watching the Bokke bust up Fiji much to my delight. Starting to get seriously excited for New Zealand. Really hope the Bokke make the semi's!!! And if France can beat New Zealand we can see a Bokke vs All Black final! Viva le francais!

That was all for today. See ya tomorrow.

Love Us.

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