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Crab pot

Florence harbor

No idea what this little gal is all about.

Tsunami warnings everywhere around here.


More tuna!

I think Dan was looking at something other than the tuna when...

Harbor seal waiting for something to be tossed his way.

Waiting patiently.

Competing for the leftovers.

Everything you wanted to know about bivalves.

Strange ice house.

Florence harbor.

Thoughtful public service.

The only photo I have of the nice lady who gave us...

Salmon roe.

Cleaning the salmon. Note: NO COLOR ADDED!!!

Our gift...before.

And after (with locally harvested wild rice we bought in Minnesota)!

After a slow start, today turned out to be a great day! I wanted to drive into the historic section of Florence and browse in some of the little shops, etc., and we had tokens from the campground for a free cup of clam chowder at Mo's. So we moseyed around until lunchtime and then drove into town.

First stop was Mo's to collect on our free cup of chowder - just as good as it was last night! Then we went our separate ways - me to peruse the shops, and Dan to check out the fishing boats and see what their catch was today. I didn't find anything of particular interest in any of the shops, but I did happen upon an art gallery that was having a wine tasting. Not being one to pass up free wine, I stopped in and had a delightful time chatting with the hostess, Karen, and tasting a few wines. I bought a bottle of Kandarian Blue Eye Sauvignon Blanc, from Willamette Valley, OR, and a bottle of Firestone Merlot, from the Santa Ynez Valley in CA. The Firestone Vineyard is owned by part of the Firestone tire family. Dan said, with a very serious demeanor, that it had a rubbery bouquet, but I think he was kidding :)

The best part of the day was when we went back to the fish-cleaning station in town and watched the local fishermen cleaning their fresh salmon. The drain from the fish-cleaning station runs into the water, and there are two harbor seals and tons of seagulls waiting to gobble up the remains of the fish and the carcasses that the fishermen throw into the water. One couple had just come in from a day of fishing, and as he was cleaning the salmon, she was telling us what they use as bait (frozen herring), how they catch them (trolling), etc. We were telling her how much we love salmon and how we wished we could catch it back home. I don't know if it was the drool dripping down my face or the pathetic look as we watched them clean these gorgeous fish, but as she was leaving to head to her truck and go home, she came over to Dan and handed him a bag with two pieces of salmon and said, "Welcome to Oregon!" You would have thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! Anyone who knows me well knows that salmon is my favorite seafood, and although we have had a lot of it since we've been here, we have not had any THIS fresh! It's going on the grill tonight!

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