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This has been a summer book-ended by sorrow. We started with fire and ended with tragedy but in between had wonderful experiences, met amazing people and made dreams come true. There is always something to be grateful for. My son's accident reminds me again that we shouldn't put off making changes in our lives, making dreams come true or telling those around us we love them because we don't know when tragedy will hit.

My son Brent James will be 44 Oct.5. He loves the outdoors, hard work, a challenge,building things, helping others,and life. His trade is dry-walling so when a cream of a job came up in the Yukon, he jumped at the chance. All expenses paid, great boss,and great job in an area he had heard me rave about. Top that with falling in love with the area and people and he thought he had it all. Sept.4 he called me while we were in Assiniboia, SK to say not only was he on cloud 9 but was on cloud 10. I haven't heard him so happy in years. This job was going to help him and Kim buy a house. But then a couple bad choices changed all that.

Sept.5 evening, he rode with a drinking driver,and didn't wear his seatbelt. When the car went out of control and rolled, Brent was thrown out and broke his neck. The driver, seat belted in walked away. Brent always wears his seat belt. Why not that night? It almost cost him his life and has changed his life and ours forever. Do you travel without your seat belt? Think of Brent. It could be you or someone you love.

Today is Day 13 for him and day 9 for us being camped in Surrey and driving back and forth to the Vancouver General Hospital everyday. His neck is fused and he has a tracheotomy for the ventilator. He has been fighting pneumonia and blood clots in his lungs but is gradually getting a handle on that. Now in ICU, he will stay there until he can breathe on his own. It also means that wide awake my very talkative son can't talk but he sure makes up for it with funny facial expressions and rolling of his eyes. Kim, his wife made a word list so we can understand what he is saying.

The last time I was hanging out in this ICU my husband was dying so memories aren't great. Yet this is even harder to deal with. However with ton of online prayers and love we are getting by.

His friends in Campbell River started a foundation to raise funds to help pay the bills, and help Kim stay down here. You can go to the Face book page: Brent James Foundation if you want to help financially. They are going to need long term help.If you are out of Canada with no Scotia bank and still want to help, contact me and I will give you Brents home address.

So its been quite the summer and should make for an interesting last chapter in the next book. There are many diamond lessons in this crappy pothole and more to learn as he adjusts to life in a wheel chair. We hope to be back home by the end of the month, then will make ongoing trips down here to visit him while he is in rehab. Our family is so grateful for your love and in some cases physical help.We couldn't do it on our own.

Thanks. Barb, Dave and Pali(who is being looked after everyday by a couple with 3 female dogs. He is in doggy heaven)

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