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Hamersley gorge

Good spot for a swim!

Adam's getting hooked on Tim's Tamagotchi...

Hancock gorge

Down to Handrail Pool

Handrail Pool

River crossing

In Hancock Gorge.

Ringtailed Kimberley Dragon

Adam, Basti, me, Tim and Emma and the big termite mound...

Banded Iron Formation

80 mile beach

Toilet Frog


... after!

Staircase to the moon

Fire Games

Baby Python (and, yes, that is my hand)

@ Anastasia's Pool

Why nude? she's wearning a hat!

Nightclubbing @ Oasis

No, I don't know these people...

Japanese Cementery.

Our (at the moment 9 people and two tamagotchis in three Ford Falcons) journey from Exmouth lead inland, to what is regarded as the real Australia, the land of red soil, green trees and blue, cloudless skies, also the land of big red kangaroos, camels and dingoes.

We stayed at Karijinii Nationalpark with perfect weather for three days and did a lot of hiking in the Gorges there. The rocks are beautiful banded iron formation, I could spend ages just to look at them, and there's freshwater pools in the gorges to have a refreshing swim in about 10 degrees cold water after a hike. Ouite handy, as there's no showers at the campsites.

I'm in Broome at the moment, where every Backpacker really, really wants to go. The weather is always perfect (only not now, cloudy and a bit rainy but at least it's warm), the beach is one of the best (true, but the weather...).

I also find people here quite unfriendly, at least for australian standards. When we arrived we had quite a problem to find acommodation. The Hostels are all booked out, so we tried to stay at one of the caravan parks. Only the chick at the reception was so unfriendly that we decided to save some money (the prices are ridiculously high anyway...) and check in only four people instead of nine - unfortunately they caught us and we were kicked out... We spent the next two hours driving around, looking for another Caravan Park, but they were all full. In the end we ended up at a campers overflow place with no shade and no kitchen, but at least we can sleep somewhere.\

The next day we went to see the "staircase to the moon", where the full moon rises at low tide like a big red ball over the mudflats and the reflections look like a staircase. Really impressive!

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