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Cancun 01/07/11

Posh hotels and picky Lizards.

It was a short flight to Cancun where we then caught a bus to the town centre and book into a hostel. In the town of Cancun is where the cheaper hostels and hotels are. The next day we took a local bus to see the Caribbean and where the expensive hotels are to be found, Marriott’s and Hiltons.

The sea was warm and the sunshine bright. The hotels here are huge; they seem to stretch for miles. The swimming pools have endless rivers and lagoons connected via bridges and bars dotted along the length of them. We managed to sneak through a few without being thrown out. One of them had an indoor jungle and fake Mayan ruins with a waterfall. Somebody had some fun and a blank cheque book when they were designing them.

Everywhere you look there seem to be huge lizards along the sides of the roads, and around the golf course, apart from a few birds there don’t seem to be to many animals around. The lizards’ only seem to like the manicured lawns of the hotels, because as soon as we came across a rough patch of undergrowth of weedy grass, the lizard’s seemed to disappear.

It was time to move on again, and so we booked onto a bus heading for Tulum a few hours south.

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