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Mexico City 30/06/11

First time in Mexico and Central America.

After a lot of hours flying from London to Madrid and then Madrid to Mexico City we finally arrived. We booked flights for Cancun for the next morning and made our way to the nearest, cheapish hotel. There had been 2 hurricanes in the last few weeks and we were still suffering that aftermath. There were floods on all of the cities roads around the airport, a few feet deep in places. The city officials and police were out doing what they could to clear the water and cars, but weren’t having much luck.

The Hotel was very good; it had a roof top pool and gym, that over looked the city. We can’t get too used to this if we want to stay on budget. It was an evening flight to Cancun so we spent the morning in the pool and looking around the neighbourhood, didn’t seem too scary, but it was during the day. Who knows what it would have been like if it had been at night, a different story I would imagine.

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