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What a day! Bokke play like champions, Aussies get a snot klap by the Irish and weather held out perfectly for little Zachs birthday at the park.

So we got up at 08h30 and because the boss(rory) said so we went for our first run to the park. I, running like a gazelle, looked in magnificent shape whilst my slightly over-the-hill wife ate some dust which resulted in her claiming the air was affecting her and she had to stop early! after we had some coffee and a bite at Bada Bing, a coffee shop across from the park. Nice getting little taste of home as we watch a prado almost run a small jetta off the road! Feel Perth is a mix between cape town and durbs. Not sure I could leave home though.

Once we walked back home, (luckily we didn't run into that magpie again according to my wife who claims this time she would have done some serious damage instead of screaming like a girl and running in the other direction!) we had to entertain the boys so Cath and Andy could get prepared with cakes sweets etc for the party which was going to be held in Kings Park Botanical Gardens (apparently the largest park within a city in the world. Something like 10x bigger than central park in New York). This entails chasing them , jumping on the trampoline and basically making funny noises and pretending to be a monster out to get them.

Arrived at kings park in the family section which has an awesome play centre for the kids and picnic seas scattered around where we set up for the party. Zach got plenty gifts and in a great mood (no crying) which was great. Got all the girls eating out of his hands as the girls would take him on all the rides etc and generally mother hen him. I have discovered he love it if you throw him really high in the air or pretend to drop him. Coraline is really taken with the parks and feels we should get a piece of land and turn it into a private membership park where mothers can come to with kids, you can do outdoor exercises etc. Think it's actually a really good idea myself.not just a hatrack that lady!

Colz and I then went for a walk to the one end of the park where we got a great view of the swan river and city. Also saw the Bali monument which was a memorial to Aussie tourists who passed away in the bomb blasts in Bali a few years back. Met some of Cath and andy's mates and got an insiders view of a birthday party with sugar fuelled kids. Not sure what I am getting myself into! ( thanks Craig! )

Missed the rugby unfortunately as it seems no one here cares about the rugby and there is no hype about the world cup at all. Thank goodness for jp's SMS updates which made me miss the game even more whilst at the party. Great victory and now it looks as though we will get the Aussies in the quarters due to a fantasties se wen by die Irish. Did watch the highlights of the bok game and does anyone else think it's so similar to 2007. De villiers injured in first game, steyn comes in at 12,and dominates, kicker just keeps slotting 3 pts and jp pietersen makes try saving tackle on a Fijian in the corner. Seems like good omens all round. Come on Bokke we need you to get to the semi's!

Got home and Colz took the boys for a bath. Apparently this entails getting a water pistol,shooting rory whilst he is trying to watch the rugby, she really enjoyed that. This fun game apparently qualifies cola as the best futur mom around and she then had to change Zach which is a a nightly race against Alex and they lost as coraline was completely confused with a nappy. She then had to read Alex a bedtime story as he did not want one from Cath. Looks like she is getting this mother thing down early.

Toasted sarmies from leftovers from the party for dinner and a game of Aussie Rules (the semi finals which is probably why no one cares about the rugby).Apparently my wife says I am picking up the accent already but I think she is still suffering from jet lag and sugar overdose.

Tomorrow we leave for down south for a week for a trip to Dunsborough, Margaret River and Busseltown. Includes the premier wine region in Aus. And as my dad was so keen about the chocolate factory where you can buy chocolate body paint!

Keep reading and we will keep writing. Will work out how to get our videos and photos up soon so will let you know so you can go back and check them and also you can follow us more closely by checking the different maps on the homepage.

Nite nite,

The baby making Pirries!

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