Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

Starting to drive west from West Yellowstone

Heading towards the clouds

Looking towards Ennis

Looking down the road, we're almost to Ennis

The beginning of the Ennis Homecoming Parade

Here comes the first grade! Followed by the whole town!

Driving out of Ennis towards Virginia City

Looking back down the mountain toward Ennis

We got to Virginia City, and almost no one was home!

Driving home we saw the first snow of the season on the...

MY NEW BOOTS!... which I'm being very cool about..Hey! Where do you...

Yesterday we worked around boots the coach all day. This morning we had breakfast with our friends from boots work Hal, Tim and Karen. Such nice people, a real pleasure to spend boots the time with them (and have a great breakfast at The Outpost).

By 9:30 we were done, it was raining (and supposed to until tomorrow morning), so Pat suggested that we drive over to Ennis, and boots then Virginia City. We really like both towns, so off we went.

As you can see from the pictures we boots were driving into some interesting weather. Then what a we pulled into town they were closing the main street (both blocks) for the homecoming parade....which had in it every kid in all 12 grades! Lead by the town Emergency Vehicle! Everyone was really boots excited, it stopped raining just long enough for them to roll through town, and then back into the shops! It was great to see how happy everyone was over the event. As soon as it was boots over the rain began again.

So we walked through some stores, I got a haircut, and we had boots lunch in an old-time soda shop. Then it was on to Virginia City, 14 miles over the boots mountains.

What a surprise when we got there...the place is almost closed! Seems they shut down after Labor we went into the stores that boots were open, got a cup of coffee to go, and drove home. Oh, and I bought a pair of boots.

Me...These are nice, and they fit real well.

Pat..Buy them.

Me...I think they would go real well with my jeans.

Pat..Buy them

Me...Wow, the price is really good too!

Pat..Please, just buy them!

Me...OK, if you really want me to.

Pat..Yeah (insert sarcasm), I REALLY want you to.

Me...You know, if I ever was to buy a horse, I'd buy a Pinto...what do you think?

Pat..I think if you buy one you better make sure it can carry you all the way back to Florida!


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