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'And what are You lookin' at ?'

Inside the 1st century Roman Coliseum; still used for bullfights

Roman gladiator dressed for work at the coliseum - no bull

Original Roman temple; La Maison Carree de Nimes

Downtown game of Boules or Petanque

Natural spring in downtown Nimes

Roman Baths fed by that spring

Sculpted shady sanctuary

Will this be worth the trouble I'll be in, if I do...

Plat du Drool

Roman courtyard

Wedding cake to honeymoon sweet

Serge (chef) and Isabelle's restaurant - We ate there both nights in...

Outside the Roman Coliseum

What a load of Bull

I hope that 'finger on the nose' trick works !

Nimes is an absolutely enjoyable city. Small enough to navigate easily, and large enough to have a list of things to do and see. The Roman Coliseum is so well preserved, best in Europe they say, that it is still used today for bull fights. The audio guide tour of the site was full of interesting background information and history. Watching a group of men play the French game Petanque, variation of Italian Bocce, in a sycamore shaded city park defined a relaxed day. Though it was evident they took their 'game' seriously. Lidia will need to tell the story of the restaurant, at which the food was so authentic French AND Delicious, that on our second night's visit we convinced a couple who had just arrived at(and were checking into)our hotel to join us for dinner in 5 minutes !! Tommorrow it's off to Chateauneuf de Papes.

Au revoir

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