John and Gail Adams RV Summer Trip 2011 travel blog

Duck Pond Winery

Gail Outside the Duck Pond Winery

John Outside the Duck Pond Winery

Duck Pond Garden

Duck Pond Garden and Building

Evergreen Aviation Museum

Evergreen Aviation Museum

Evergreen Aviation Museum

September 12: Today was laundry day. So we did laundry and just rested for the remainder of the day.

September 13: Today we went to the Farmers market in downtown Newberg. We bought fresh corn, peas, radishes and peaches all grown locally. The hazelnut is another big cash crop in this area. Gail, being an Oregonian, directed our search for an outlet that carried the nuts. Since we are a little early for this years harvest, and Gail didn't want to get them in a retail outlet, we started our search by making phone calls. We finally located a source at a local farm about 10 miles out of Newberg. We were able to purchase a good supply to take home with us.

September 14: Today we visited a popular Dundee Hills winery called "Duck Pond".

Since we had already tasted there a few years ago, and knew what we liked, we purchased several bottles and were on our way.

After our Duck Pond visit, we did some grocery shopping and some general errands. We received our Mail thoughtfully forwarded to us by our wonderful neighbors, Herb and Ryn Streuli.

September 15: Today will be our last day in Lafayette. We visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum where the Spruce Goose is on display along with many other vintage aircraft.

We also tasted their wine and bought a couple bottles of Evergreen Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

We also stopped at a farm fresh market and purchased locally made jelly and condiments. After purchasing approximately three cases of local wines, we are ready to move on. Tomorrow we'll head south and begin our return trip home by stopping for a day or two at the Seven Feathers Casino (about 180 miles from here).

Stay tuned.

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