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Sunset from our campsite at Johnson Creek

Gary's fish

We needed a canopy for the fire:)

Ladder Ball game

Jan and JoElla canoeing

Lots of debri from so much rain

Sophie making sure the fish swims away:)

Wes and Sophie

Broken trees from the storm

This one fell onto another tree

This tree just fell over. It is HUGE!!

Another view

With the release from my doctor, we were anxious to hit the road. We were all packed up and ready to leave and a big rain storm came in. Our daughter's driveway is about 5 miles on dirt roads, so we chose to delay our departure to give the roads time to dry out. 10am Saturday, April 16, we headed south. We arrived at Johnson Creek COE campground about 4pm. We had a beautiful site, backed up to the lake and overlooking the water. We were blessed with a beautiful sunset and just relaxed. We had one of the best night's sleep we have ever had:)

The next morning, we headed east to Broken Bow, OK and then north to Beavers Bend State Park. We have gathered here for several years with a group of RVrs. We spend about 2 weeks there. Campfires, fishing, daily pot lucks, and games are the main activities.

This year, Wes' sisters, Wanda and Donna, and their husbands joined us for a few days. They stayed at the Lodge and came to camp during the day.

It rained, and rained, and rained, and rained some more. We actually had to spend a couple of hours in the restrooms one night when we had a tornado warning. The next morning, we saw lots of trees down, some broken and others just fell over. The ground was so wet and the trees so heavy, it didn't take much for the wind to topple them. We finally even had to put a canopy up over the campfire to keep it from being drowned out.

Later in the week, the sun did come out and we were able to play some games, and even go canoeing. We had a great time with all our family and friends and being in one of our favorite spots. Two weeks was over much too soon!!

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