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Train from Stuggart to Strasbourg. Great train system out here, much better than the US. Fast, clean, efficient. Got into Strasbourg yesterday. Wi fi was not working so I'm behind on my entries. Strasbourg is so darn cute! It's like the french part of epcot center but its real! Mom is loving it. Says "charming" all the time. Just when i just started getting used to hearing german, we crossed the border and now its all French. Everyone here has been really nice so far, not the stereotype of mean French. We are trying to break the US stereotypes too. Kinda hard with moe, Larry, and curly though. Don't get me started. We will be touring the area for the next two days, known as the Rue de Vin (wine road). Still trying to get more booze into my mom. She orders it but only drinks a fourth. Me or aunt carol end up finishing it. Good food, good drinks, lots of walking. we ate dinner at the same place two days in a row bc mom loved the place so much. Called Au Dauphin. Hopefully the wi-fi will be working tmrw. Til then...

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