Bull Summer Trip 2011 travel blog

We came up on an accident

A large truck had failed to negotiate a shcrp turn

We saw another Phaeton towing a car

Bob's favorite trucks - the kind that threw the bark that broke...

Several hours of this type driving

very few straight stretches


Passing lanes take the pressure off


A picturesque drive

We made a pleasant but difficult drive from the California coast across the mountains. There might be a few straight and level segments, but none that we could recall. We stopped at a large turnout near the top of one of the mountains and had lunch. By day’s end we had climbed and descended 4 mountains. We arrived at the KOA Park and got settled. The park was one of the best we have been to with lots of trees and room to roam. Just prior to the park, a fox ran across the road (too quick to get a picture).

Note the drastic increase in temp. We hit the A/C as soon as we got the RV set up.

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